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KANU launches online registration drive ahead of 2022 elections.

KANU Chair and Baringo Senator has on Thursday presided over the launch of an online registration drive at the Party Headquarters in Nairobi. The launch has been interpreted as part of a series of activities by the party to revamp its structures and and consolidate national support as the country gears towards the 2022. The move will also aid the Party in its bid to recruit more members and achieve the threshold required by the Political Parties Act of 2011.

”Our new digital membership recruitment system that will strengthen and complement the existing manual process and will help the party comply with the Political Parties Act of 2011 on the threshold of members a political party should have”, he explained.

The Baringo Senator also indicated that the new membership drive will allow the party to have a tamper proof register in readiness for the free, fair and transparent nomination exercise during elections, “To eliminate chaos common with political parties during primaries and to streamline our nomination process, we will generate a comprehensive membership register from this system to facilitate free, fair, transparent, and verifiable primaries.”

He also noted that the digital drive would minimise the need for physical contact and hence aid in the war against Covid-19, ”“In recognition of the extraordinary times we are living in, this system will minimise physical contact and interactions. As a result, it will escalate the baseline health protocols set to contain the spread of Covid-19.”