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Former NA Majority Leader Aden Duale during a past briefing.

Duale’s exit speech at the National Assembly as he hands over office to Amos Kimunya


Speaker, following your communication, allow me a few minutes, to make this exit speech as I handover the instruments of the Office of the Leader of the Majority Party to the new office holder.

Indeed, just like the famous swahili saying that “kilicho kuwa na mwanzo hakikosi kuwa na mwisho” today marks the end of my service as the First Leader of Majority Party of this House under Article 108 of the Constitution.

Speaker, to this end, I wish to thank the President of the Republic of Kenya and my party leader H.E Uhuru Kenyatta, the Deputy President H.E William Ruto, and the entire Jubilee Party for having given me the opportunity to serve the people of Kenya as a Leader of Majority Party for the past seven years now.

Speaker, I also take this opportunity to again congratulate my very able successor Hon. Amos Kimunya as he takes over the Office of the Leader of Majority Party in this August House.

Hon. Speaker, I know he has a wealth of experience having served as Minister of Finance and held various leadership positions in Parliament and for this, I have no doubt in my mind, that he has what it takes!

Hon. Kimunya, I wish you all the best in your new appointment and again congratulations.

Hon. Speaker, I have read comments and views that my shoes are too big to fit. This is not however for me to judge.

All I know is that we all wear different shoes, walk differently and feel different in them.

As you take up the new mantle my distinguished Colleague, Hon. Kimunya, wear your shoes, walk according to your style and your feel. All that counts is that you serve the people of this great nation.

Speaker, my experience as the Majority Leader taught me that as one pushes the agenda of the Majority Party, it is almost inevitable that one will make new friends and new enemies and opponents, particularly within the Party, depending on where their interests are.

Interestingly, interests also keep evolving and hence ones opponents today might be his of her friends tomorrow and vice-versa.

The most important thing is, while attempting to work with everyone, keep your eye of the ball and deliver the price.

Speaker, on that note allow me to unconditionally ask for forgiveness and apologies to anyone, in this House and outside, who I may have offended in the course of executing my duties – I was simply doing my job! and Such is the nature of the job as the Hon. Kimunya will come to appreciate.

Speaker, during the seven years of service, I came to appreciate the professionalism of the technical Staff of Parliament.

Your office Mr. Speaker and The Office of the Clerk of the National Assembly, previously held by the late Justine Bundi and now Mr. Michael Sialai, made my work lesser difficult.

For this, I will forever be truly indebted to these Offices and the very hardworking men and women who contributed to making the work get done, effectively, efficiently, and with speed! Asanteni sana.

Speaker, as I exit, I am indeed proud to note that during my helm as the Leader of Majority Party I was able to push through the agenda of the Majority Party effectively, the results are out there and they speak for themselves and hence I will not belabor to lay out the same.

I was not removed for inefficiency, or lack of delivery, but it is simply the cycle of the career of politics. I therefore habour no ill feelings or grudge.

Speaker, lastly but not least, I wish to appreciate my able staff that was drawn from all over this nation.

I had impeccable members of staff from Nyeri, Laikipia, Kisii, Nyanza, Garissa, among many other counties. I wish them all the best and I will forever remain indebted for the support they accorded to me.

Speaker, as I conclude, allow me to also inform my brother Hon. Kimunya that during the transition period, he is also free to consult me on anything.

I indeed, look forward to being of assistance to him as he settles into his new position. It is not my wish to let him grapple in darkness.

Speaker, I thank all the Members for the invaluable support they gave me during my tenure. I will end with a quote-

“There is no storm that God won’t carry you through you through. No bridge that God won’t help you cross. No battle that God won’t help you win. Trust God and never give up. Amen!”

Speaker, finally and before I retreat to the backbench allow me to handover this file to the incoming Leader of Majority Party as his starter pack.

In it includes among other things a brief detailing the pending business in this House and the Majority Party business that originated in this House but is now pending in the Senate.

The pending business in the Pack includes Bills by the Majority Party, Committees and Private Members, Motions, Sessional Papers and Treaties among other things. I hope that this symbolic handover becomes part of the practice of the House.

Speaker, with these few remarks, I say thank you.

God bless you. God bless Kenya