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Zoom announces a $599 touchscreen device for remote workers

Virtual meeting and conferencing application Zoom has announced that it will be expanding its software to include a new touchscreen device designed to help those working remotely. The appliance, called Zoom For Home – DTEN ME, is intended to bring solutions to work-related problems caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. It will cost $599.

The device is a 27-inch touchscreen device with three smart webcams, eight noise-reducing inbuilt microphones and a preloaded Zoom software. It provides access to Zoom’s various features including meetings, whiteboards and contacts.

While the price seems outrageous owing to the fact that one can easily use their phones or laptops to access Zoom features, the device is well-optimised for home offices and allows employees of a company to jump into Zoom without having to install the software or setting up any complex equipment.