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Wetangula: Bring it on! We have retained a team of very powerful lawyers

Beleaguered Ford Kenya Party Leader Moses Wetangula has told off his political opponents and emphasized that the party has retained a team of ‘very powerful lawyers’ including Senior Counsel John Khaminwa and President of the LSK Nelson Havi whom have been sent to the Political Parties Disputes Tribunal and filed papers on behalf of Wetangula.

”Remember that we are a party of democracy, we believe in the rule of law and that is why we are going to those lengths to make sure that those who believe in coups and rules of the jungle have no space in a civilised Kenya…”  said a seemingly confident Hon. Wetangula in a presser where he was flanked by Kiminini MP Chris Wamalwa and other leaders. Wetangula also reiterated that Ford Kenya is a signatory to ‘each and every program and process of change (in the country), including the BBI’.

”We are waiting for the question to be framed on constitutional change and when that question is framed, this Party will give its reasoned contribution…”

Moses Wetangula was apparently ousted as Party Leader due to what was termed as ‘gross misconduct’ and replaced by Wafula Wamunyinyi as interim Party Leader.