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We still do not know why men are more susceptible to Covid-19, says Dr. Aman

Health CAS Dr. Rashid Aman has indicated that there is scientific research is ongoing to determine why men are more susceptible to Covid-19 compared to women.

Dr. Aman was speaking on Tuesday, 21st June 2020, during the daily briefing on Coronavirus in the country. He explained that there are many theories that have been advanced to show the gender disparity explicit in the pandemic but that none of them have satisfactorily explained why men continue to be more vulnerable.

He also revealed that there are at least 200 vaccines being tested, with some having progressed into higher levels of testing. He hopes that Kenya will be among those able to get doses of the vaccines once they are ready.

Head of Public Health, Dr. Kuria, who was also present at the briefing, addressed queries about a notice circulating in media proposing a ban on the consumption of alcohol in public, ”We cannot talk about a notice that has no legal notice number, it is a draft that should be under the office of the AG”, he went on to say, ”…Once it becomes a legal document then we can discuss it further”.