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Wambui Collymore remembers husband Bob Collymore one year after he passed on

Former Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore’s widow Wambui Kamiru Collymore has opened up about how she has been coping with the death of her husband Bob Collymore. Speaking to Jackson Biko in an interview published on the Business Daily, Wambui revealed that the death of her husband has taught her to spend more time doing the things that make you happy, ”Spend more time doing the things that make you happy, but don’t be selfish about it because the world needs you.”

Wambui also took a trip down memory lane, revisiting the last moments she had with the late Bob Collymore momens before he passed on, ”We played soft jazz music in the room, because he loved jazz. The children— after saying goodbye to him earlier— later didn’t want to leave his side so they came into the room and eventually slept on the sofa in the room. Now we were waiting. Just before 2 am, he asked me to remove the oxygen mask from his face because he was very weak.

He turned to one of the nurses in the room and although he didn’t have strength to say anything my senses were so heightened and I knew him so well, so I knew what he was trying to convey. I told the nurse, ‘he’s saying thank you.’ Then he turned to the other nurse and I told her the same thing. (Pause) Then he turned to me and told me what he needed to say— which I can’t tell you— plus a message to the children. Then he just took his last breath and he died.”

The Safaricom CEO succumbed to acute myeloid leukemia at his home in the wee hours of the morning on 1st July 2019, leaving behind a wife and four children. He was 61 years old at that time.