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Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru during proceedings of her impeachment trial at the senate. Photo: Courtesy

Waiguru’s fate in the balance as senate committee is set to table report from impeachment probe.

The 11 member Senate Committee probing the impeachment of Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru could after all save the governor from the noose according to sources.

Reports indicate that Waiguru will survive the chop, as sources claim that the evidence by the Kirinyaga MCAs did not prove beyond reasonable doubt that Waiguru, was involved in any corrupt dealings.

However, it is alleged that the senate committee under the leadership of Kakamega Senator Cleophas Malala, has made a recommendation to the DCI and EACC to commence investigations on Waiguru, after the revelations that some close allies might have engaged in corrupt dealings.

The committee wants the investigative agencies to look into graft, abuse of office and violation of procurement regulations allegations tabled against Waiguru with those found culpable arrested and arraigned in court.

The select committee also argued that some of the allegations against Waiguru were administrative challenges and did not meet the threshold for her ouster.

On Tuesday June 23, Waiguru lamented that the MCAs had plotted nine impeachment motions against her out of her support for the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI). She asked the Senate to protect Governors against MCAs who are out to exploit and manipulate powers accorded to them in the devolved system of government.

The committee has also proposed that the time allocated to listen to impeachment cases be extended from 10 days since there are a lot of issues to handle during impeachment proceedings. The DCI and EACC should also be enjoined in the select committees as ex-officio members.

“I have a lot of confidence in my members. We will deliver a fair ruling. I would like to invite all Kenyans to anticipate the fair ruling,” Malala stated while addressing the media on Thursday, June 26.

The committee Chair Senator Cleophas Malala will table the report today Friday June 26 at the Senate during a special sitting convened by speaker Ken Lusaka to consider the report.

“The business to be transacted at the sitting shall be the consideration of the report of the special committee on the proposed removal from office, by Impeachment, of Governor Anne Mumbi Waiguru, the Governor of Kirinyaga County,” read part of the Gazette notice issued on Wednesday June 24.

The report from the committee will either uphold the allegations the verdict by MCAs to send her home or reverse it.

If Senator Malala and the team reports that the allegations have not been substantiated, no further action will be taken against her, but if the report substantiates the allegations, the Senate shall vote on the charges.