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Shackles of doom: Sen. Malala’s dramatic arrest brings back memories of controversial drama play.

Kakamega Senator Cleophas Malala has found himself living a drama script he penned in 2013 depicting a society infested with unequal distribution of resources. The script which was acted out in a controversial play by the Butere Girls High School in 2013, earned an infamous reputation that saw it banned from the National Drama Festivals by the Ministry of Education. The play had various themes, including tribalism and inequality of wealth distribution. It shows a dominant community that intrudes land in a marginalised community, where it exploits the resources therein for its own gain at the expense of the marginalised community.

Sen. Malala had earlier on alluded to the play when he made a submission to the Senate on why he would not support the third basis formula for the allocation of revenue to counties. Senators under the Team Kenya movement have termed the controversial formula as unfair, saying that it has been designed to deny counties their share of the funds.

Malala was among three senators who faced dramatic arrests on Monday when senators voted on the impasse at the House over the controversial formula. ”Even if they bring me a battalion of army men, I will not change my stand,” an adamant Malala told members of the press on Monday hours before his arrest.