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Senate acquits Governor Waiguru

The Senate has acquitted Governor Waiguru after the select committee appointed to hear the impeachment proceedings against her reached a determination that the charges against her were not substantiated.

The Committee said that the evidence submitted before it did not link Waiguru directly. The Committee says that the matter was investigated under Sections 33(4) of the County Governments Act and standing order 75(2) of the Senate Standing Orders.

The Committee has also made recommendations and observations to cure the toxic relationship between the County Executive and the County Assembly, the conduct of Governor Waiguru and called on investigative agencies to look into the irregular awarding of tenders within the County. It was noted that the Committee does not have the time or resources to investigate such matters hence referral to the investigative agencies which have been directed to take appropriate action within 60 days.

The two main charges brought against the Governor were gross misconduct and abuse of the office of the Governor.