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President Uhuru waves at the crowd with two bodyguards hanging from both sides of his official vehicle. Photo: Courtesy

President Uhuru’s bodyguards warned against chewing of ‘Miraa’ and ‘Muguka’.

Security officers working in the Presidential Escort Unit have been cautioned, against the use of drugs within the workstations and camps.

An internal memo from the escort Commander to the officers stated that they had been banned from chewing of Miraa as of July 6th 2020, explaining that the continued use of the substance posed great health risks to their families and state personnel.

“Please be informed that it has been noted with a high level of concern by this office that chewing of miraa and Muguka is posing a lot of health risks to our personnel and their families. Therefore, with the effect of the date of this signal today no presidential escort personnel or civilian residing within the camps will be allowed to chew miraa or muguka within the camps or workstation,” the memo read

Kirera warned that breaking the rules would result in dire consequences to the officers.

The escort unit is tasked at the provision of security to the head of state, the first family and the deputy president as well.

Others protected by the elite unit include retired presidents, visiting heads of states and governments as well as other VIPs as directed by the inspector general of police.