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President Uhuru Kenyatta during the 9th Presidential Covid-19 address. Photo: PSCU

President Kenyatta lifts cessation of movement orders; extends curfew for 30 days

President Uhuru Kenyatta has on Monday July 6 lifted the Cessation of movement orders into and out of Nairobi, Mandera and Mombasa counties, effective 4am Tuesday July 7th 2020.

The orders which were effected as a way of curbing the spread of Covid-19 in the country, have been in force for the last three months.

In a televised address outside Harambee House, President Kenyatta has also announced the extension of the nationwide 9pm to 4am curfew for a further 30 days.

The president has however stated that the lifting of the cessation orders will be conditional and should the situation deteriorate he will have no option but to revert back to lock-down.

“In the next 21 days we shall study patterns of interaction and the spread of the disease. Any trends that signal a worsening of the pandemic, we will have no choice but to return to lock-down”, President Kenyatta stated.

Places of Worship

The president has also ordered a phased reopening of the places of worship after consultations with the National Security Council and the Covid-19 emergency response committee.

In his directives, President Kenyatta has stated that the reopening of congregational worship will follow strict guidelines developed by Interfaith Council.

“… Only a maximum of one hundred (100) participants will be allowed at each worship ceremony and not for more than one hour… Sunday Schools and Madrassas shall remain suspended until further notice, and in-person worship shall not include congregants under the age of thirteen (13) years or above the age of fifty-eight (58) years or persons with underlying conditions”, President Kenyatta directed


On matters education, the President has directed the Ministry of Education together with stakeholders in the education sector, to update the country on the resumption of the 2020 academic calendar for basic education and tertiary institutions, not later than Tuesday July 7.


The president noted that movement of people is a catalyst for the spread of the virus and with the lifting of the cessation of movement orders into and out of the 3 counties; majority will travel around aiding the spread of the virus.

The president has however ordered that PSVs intending to transport people into and out of areas previously affected by lock-down will be required to have mandatory certification from the Ministry of Health, in consultation with Ministry of Transport.

Local Air travel is set to resume by July 15 with international travel set to resume by August 1 according to President Kenyatta.

“International Air Travel into and out of the Territory of the Republic of Kenya shall resume effective 1st August, 2020; in strict conformity with all protocols from the Ministry of Health, local and international civil aviation authorities, and any additional requirements applicable at the ports of departure, arrival or transit”, President Kenyatta stated.

Social and Political Gatherings

According to the president social and political gatherings continue to be under prohibition for a further 30 days.

Bars and entertainment joints will not serve sit-in customers but will continue to offer ‘take away’ services, with the order extended for a further 30 days.

The number of people who can attend weddings and funerals is still restricted to 15 for a further 30 days.

The president has called on Kenyans to undertake and exercise a civic responsibility, not only in the fight against Covid-19 but in joining government efforts to help in the revival of the dwindling economy.

“I want you to have a shared responsibility with government in reviving our economy and for us to do this by first changing our national mind-set.  We have the opportunity to stitch a “new national mindset garment as it were”, President Kenyatta urged.