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File image of a Kenyan police vehicle. Photo: Courtesy

Police officer allegedly busted in bed with a female Covid-19 patient in an isolation facility

A police officer was on Friday July 17 busted naked with a female Covid-19 patient, who he was supposed to be guarding at The Agricultural Training Centre in Busia County.

According to a police report the training Institute which serves as a Covid-19 isolation Centre is guarded by three police officers and three prison wardens and hosts remandees from Busia prison and ordinary sick members of the public who are kept in separate makeshift wards.

The report indicates that during the routine patrols within the facility at about 10pm, one of the officers started engaging in a conversation with one of the female patients in isolation.

His colleague got uncomfortable and reported back to the guard room and alerted the rest of the team after which they all left to check on their colleague.

However, the suspect and patient had already moved from where the officer had left them conversing.

The officers became suspicious and started looking around and in the process, heard noise and commotion coming from the women’s ward.

“They rushed to the scene and found all the patients outside and complaining that the prison officer was raping the said lady patient,” the police report read.

Authorities say when they went into the woman’s room; they found her and the officer naked and in bed.

One of the women quarantined at the facility, however, told police that the said-Covid-19 patient had consented to the act, but only changed her narrative when she learnt that the other femalecovid-19 patients in the ward had known what she and the cop were doing.

The suspect was arrested and quarantined at the same facility. His firearm was confiscated by senior officers from the Busia GK Prison.