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Soy MP Caleb Kositany.

Only “Deep State” can stop the registration of Jubilee Asili party, MP Kositany now says

Jubilee party Interim Deputy Secretary General Caleb Kositany has stated that he knows he will be bundled out of his position at the Jubilee Party.

Kositany who was speaking to Citizen TV on phone explained what necessitated the formation of the new outfit dubbed Jubilee Asili, which was unveiled yesterday after the Deputy President William Ruto met Members of Parliament who were discharged from house committee memberships by Jubilee Party.

“Initially we said we don’t want to be involved with small tribal parties and that’s why we folded about 13 parties to form Jubilee party. Right now we have gone back to bringing in parties with one MP… we are no longer democratic, we are no longer consulting. We have become a private members club where members are instructed on what to do”, stated Kositany

Kositany also confirmed that the Jubilee Asili outfit is yet to be registered alluding that its registration can only be stopped by the “deep state”.

“If the so called deep state doesn’t block its registration we shall have a Jubilee Asili Party”, Kositany clarified.

Kositany who has been accused of insubordination, has on numerous occasions issued directives and orders conflicting with those issued by the Jubilee Party secretary general Raphael Tuju, and now says he is waiting for his day to be bundled out of his position at the Party.

“I am waiting for the day that I will be relieved off my duties as Deputy SG; could it be today, could it be tomorrow? That will no longer be news, it will not shock me at all,” Kositany retorted.

He complained that he did not have a place to table his ideas.

“My conscious cannot allow me to continue serving in a party where even my little idea is not recognized or is not listened to,” he continued.

Kositany’s sentiments came just a day after Jubilee Party Deputy party Leader DP William Ruto met members of the Jubilee Party who were discharged from various house leadership positions.