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NCBA refunds client’s money allegedly stolen from her account.

NCBA Bank has reached out to a client who alleged that money had mysteriously disappeared from her account. Tabitha Tongoi claims that over Ksh300,000 had been stolen from her account in early June and that efforts to follow up on the matter had borne no fruit yet. She subsequently took to social media to reach out to the bank, managing to gunner the support of netizens in capturing the attention of the bank.

On her social media account, she explained that she had attracted the attention of several people who were instrumental in spreading her concerns, ”We have caught the attention of news agencies, investigative journalists and lawmakers. Our voices, together, have started a wider conversation on the banking sector in Kenya”.

The bank’s managing director John Gachora also contacted her in person to apologise for the experience. The bank also released a press statement on 21st July 2020 to apologise over the matter.