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Mutahi Ngunyi: Ruto looking for a position that will not exist in 2022 – VIDEO

Political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi has sensationally claimed that Deputy President William Ruto is gunning for a position that will be obsolete in the post-BBI political architecture. Speaking to Anne Kiguta on K24 TV’s Punchline show, the political analyst opined that the country’s political architecture will be significantly different from the current one, ”By the end of this year, my hunch is that people will be seeing William Ruto on the streets and wondering, who was he again? Was he a comedian? They will not remember who he was. That is my thinking and I could be wrong on that. Two, by the time we are done with this year, we will have a completely new political architecture. That architecture is going to have a ceremonial President. That is why I am saying that DP Ruto is going for a position that doesn’t exist. We will also have an executive Prime Minister”, he indicated.

The political analyst accused DP Ruto of failing to utilise the Coronavirus pandemic to retreat and strategise accordingly, ”(DP) William Ruto has been using an old map to go to new lands. He is using a map that he had in 1992 to get to new lands…He should take time off, in my view, to reflect on the map that he is reading.”, he went on to say, ”…Winston Churchill told us that you must never waste a disaster. The President has taken this particular moment to put his house in order. He is doing is systematically, surgically and methodically…”, reiterated the political analyst, making reference to the recent purge in Jubilee in which DP Ruto’s allies were ousted in key positions in both the Senate and the National Assembly, ”…William Ruto, (on the other hand), advises himself. This disaster had brought to him a beautiful moment to recreate himself but he did not take it.”

The political analyst expressed confidence that the BBI process was bound to succeed since it was being spearheaded by President Uhuru Kenyatta and Opposition Leader Raila Odinga, ”So long as Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga are part of the process, you can’t defeat them. They will win”.

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