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Murathe: Murang’a chaos were stage-managed to elicit sympathy.

Jubilee Vice Chair David Murathe has now claimed that chaos witnessed in Kenol town of Murang’a county were stage-managed to elicit sympathy for Deputy President William Ruto ahead of his visit to the county on Sunday morning. Speaking to Anne Kiguta on K24 TV’s political show Punchline, the hard-hitting Uhuru ally said that politicians identifying with the Tangatanga faction engineered the chaos which resulted in the loss of two lives on Sunday morning.

”These people (Tangatanga) imagined that their planned meetings would be disrupted. Therefore, they organized a force to counter the so-called planned disruptions. Unfortunately, it turned out that nobody had planned to do any disruptions to their activities there, hence they had to stage-manage an event to provoke and elicit some kind of sympathy.”

Murathe opined that the Deputy President has been provoking President Uhuru Kenyatta by focusing his political activities in Mt Kenya which is the President’s own backyard, ”It is unfortunate that this kind of hooliganism and heightened political activity is being engineered when we’re two years from an election, and this is being done in Mt. Kenya. he said. ”How is it that the DP doesn’t have these shenanigans in his backyard? When is the last time he had a fundraiser in Eldoret? Why is it that he only comes to Mt. Kenya to divide, incite and provoke?” lamented the Jubilee Vice Chair.

The former Gatanga MP also cautioned politicians against believing their own hype, saying that crowds do not equate to actual votes on election day. ”If you went to the market with a monkey, and someone came to the same market with a goat, the people will go watch the monkey, but at the end of the day, they will buy the goat to take home.”

He rubbished allegations by DP Ruto’s allies that the Huduma Namba project will be used to interfere with the 2022 elections and explained that the Huduma Namba is the equivalent of the Social Security Number in the USA which would eliminate the need for Kenyans to seek reference from chiefs and other government officials in order to benefit from social programmes such as Inua Jamii and the Kazi Mtaani Initiative. Murathe intimated that the Huduma Namba project would provide data that would inform government intervention programmes and policies aimed at uplifting Kenyans particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Watch highlights of the interview below: