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Miguna opts out of K24 TV show after Anne Kiguta introduces a second guest

Lawyer Miguna Miguna has cancelled an anticipated interview scheduled on 28th June 2020 after what he termed as ‘a last-minute attempt to dilute the important national issues’ that he and the presenter Anne Kiguta had to discuss on the Punchline show which airs on Sunday evening. This turn of events occurred after the show revealed that there would be a second guest, lawyer Ndegwa Njiiru who represented the MCAs who voted to oust Governor Waiguru.

Taking to his Twitter account to break the news, Miguna reiterated that he does not hail from Kirinyaga and implied that he did not see the need to share the same interview date with lawyer Ndegwa Njiiru. ”I’m not a Kirinyaga MCA. I don’t represent Anne Waiguru or Kirinyaga MCAs. I lead a revolutionary movement”.

To @AnneKiguta, @K24Tv, Mutahi Ngunyi and Despot Uhuru Kenyatta: I’m not from Kirinyaga. I’m not a Kirinyaga MCA. I don’t represent @AnneWaiguru or the Kirinyaga MCAs. I lead a revolutionary movement. We are struggling for Kenya’s liberation and justice to all. We’ll never waver.

Kenyans on social media expressed mixed reactions to his sudden decision.

”I am not going to be party to Mutahi Ngunyi’s schemes. Anne Kiguta, I consider this a material change in what we had discussed and an attempt to cause unnecessary distractions and drama that would irreparably undermine what I stand for. I’m cancelling my appearance on #Punchline”, lamented the exiled lawyer.

Miguna had been invited to speak about Kenya’s road ahead amid the coronavirus pandemic, the clamor for a referendum and the plans for reopening the economy. The firebrand lawyer has also accused political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi of interfering with his interview and hiding behind guests instead of debating him on the show after Mutahi responded to his rants saying that he had chickened out.