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Megascope slaps NTV with demand letter following sensational story on Covid-19.

Megascope Healthcare Limited has imposed a raft of demands on NTV following an investigative piece by journalist Dennis Okari that aired on Sunday night. Through its lawyers, the company lamented that the expose aired allegations, insinuations and innuendos that were entirely false and without basis.

”Our instructions are that the said allegations, insinuations and innuendos were published and aired sensationally, maliciously and recklessly without any regard for the very substantial loss, damage and injury that would be occasioned, and has indeed occasioned our Client (Megascope Healthcare Limited). Furthermore, the Programme manifested extreme malice and ill will towards our Client and as such, was wholly lacking in professionalism and illustrated no attention to the principles of responsible and ethical journalism.” read the demand letter to the broadcasting company.

The company has since demanded that NTV publishes an unreserved and unconditional retraction to be aired ‘in the same prominent manner’ in which the Programme/expose¬† was published. Megascope has also demanded that the broadcasting company airs an apology in prime time news and across all social media platforms. Also in the list of demands is an immediate removal and expungement from all social media platforms of the contents of the expose, a full and unconditional admission in writing of liability for defamation whereafter the quantum of damages payable can be discussed and an unconditional confirmation and commitment in writing not to publish any further defamatory articles.

Megascope has also indicated that it would commence legal proceedings against NTV unless they receive a ‘positive response’ from the broadcaster by close of business on Friday, 21st August 2020.