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Martha Karua: Tell Kenyans how Covid-19 funds were used.

Narc Kenya Party Leader has asked the government to account on how Covid-19 funds have been so far used. Speaking during a press conference on Monday, Karua accused the government of presiding over corruption of the funds that were meant to support the war against the novel coronavirus.

”We need full disclosure, transparency and accountability for all COVID-19 funds, resources and equipment from all sources including loans, grants, donations and in-kind support both locally and internationally,”she said. We demand that the government publishes and makes accessible the roster of beneficiaries of the Covid-19 relief funds and PPEs to date. We further demand that the government reallocates and redirects significant national government budget and resources to health, reverse unreasonable additional COVID-19 budget allocation from national security to public health.”

The country had initially received Ksh78.3 billion from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to tackle the Coronavirus pandemic after which a second installment of Ksh108 billion was wired to the Central Bank of Kenya to cater for budgetary support and any extra resources to fight the pandemic.

Kenya has also received concessional loan of Ksh22.5bn from the African Development Bank and an additional Ksh7.5bn in form of grants from the European Union.