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CJ David Maraga during a past media briefing. Photo: The Star

Maraga dispels claims that he is a “deadbeat dad”; says he is being targeted politically.

Chief justice David Maraga has responded to accusations that he is a “deadbeat dad” made by a middle aged woman Mercy Kwamboka in a dramatic scene witnessed outside the Milimani law courts.

Maraga through lawyer Dunstan Omari claims that they smell politics in the whole matter, with a war being pushed at CJ Maraga in his personal capacity with an aim of eroding the respect of the office he holds.

“The third attempt has been this matter that has not been filed, that has been dramatized for the public consumption, so that the character, the dignity, the respect of the office of the CJ is eroded” Omari stated

Omari indicated that they have also written to the Director of Public Prosecution and the directorate of Criminal Investigations DCI to investigate the documents presented by the lady which include a birth certificate of the alleged daughter sired by Maraga and the woman.

“It has been a war that has been pushed to him as the CJ. Now the war is being pushed to the CJ in his personal capacity, we shall be writing to the DPP and Inspector General [of Police] to investigate the documents that have been annexed to this court,” Omari said.

Omari claims the birth certificate is a forgery, stating that records show the names of officers appearing in the birth certificate have never been employees of government departments tasked with the registration of births.

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Maraga who is due to retire in January 2021, has been under pressure to retire early to allow for the recruitment process of a new CJ but has given a deaf ear to such calls.

The CJ is also at logger heads with President Kenyatta accusing him of declining to appoint 41 new judges, proposed by the Judicial Service Commission.

The President has raised issue with some names in the list of the 41, saying they are tainted to hold offices.