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Lawyer Waiganjo: Waiguru is being targeted because she is a woman (VIDEO)

Lawyer Kamotho Waiganjo has made claims that Governor Waiguru is being targeted majorly because she is a woman. The lawyer was speaking about the impeachment motion brought against her before the Senate special committee by Kirinyaga MCAs.

”If you don’t see misogyny in the issues that affect women, you don’t understand politics, you don’t understand power. I’m not saying that Governor Waiguru is the only one. There are other women we have brought down. Woe unto you if people think you are getting to big for your boots, they will bring you down,” lamented the lawyer who is also the husband to the embattled governor.

Kamotho Waiganjo was arguing against his co-guest, lawyer Ndegwa Njiiru who represented Kirinyaga MCAs in the impeachment motion. The discussion became heated, with Ndegwa posing a counter argument to Waiganjo’s claims, ”Governor Waiguru was not being impeached because she is a woman…Governor Waiguru is fond of playing victim whenever she is called to account to issues. The Senate filed in our favour at some point, that Governor Waiguru is a high-handed person…”.The two lawyers had appeared on K24 TV’s Punchline show to debate the outcome of Waiguru’s impeachment motion.

Waiganjo, who was part of the legal team that defended the embattled governor, emphasised that the allegations brought before the Senate were at best trivial. ”If you’re talking about the impeachment of a Governor who has been elected by the people, surely, at the very minimal, have your facts there…”he stated. He further went on to say, ”if surely there were grounds to impeach the governor, this people, because they do not like her, why did they not find them?”

”…how come there is not even a single whistleblower in the whole of Kirinyaga County”, he queried.

Counsel Ndegwa implied that the issue had been highly politicised by the accused, ”There is a problem in this country, that whenever an individual is called to account, or whenever a public official is called to account, he or she hides behind political issues…”

The issue of lawyers abetting corruption in the country also became a subject of discussion owing to the just concluded case involving Sirisia MP John Waluke where a top city lawyer was mentioned adversely. On the matter, Kamotho said that corruption involves a complex network of individuals from various professions and hence it was not reasonable to only implicate lawyers. ”…the truth of the matter is that a typical corruption (scandal) in this country has (different) professionals. It has a surveyor, a lawyer, an accountant…”he emphasised.

Lawyer Ndegwa reiterated that their next stop was the High Court after the Senate acquitted Waiguru from the claims against her.