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File Photo of Governor Waiguru at a past event. Photo Courtesy.

Kirinyaga MCAs threaten to move to Court to challenge Senate decision on Waiguru

Kirinyaga MCAs have now vowed to move to Court in their bid to oust Governor Waiguru even after the Senate cleared her of the charges brought against her by the County Assembly. In a report published on the Daily Nation, it has emerged that the MCAs have expressed their disatisfaction with the verdict of the Senate, dismissing as untrue the conclusion by the special committee that the impeachment did not meet the required threshold.

Through their lawyer Ndegwa Njiru, they said that Kenyans were shocked by the ruling of the Senate. ”My clients were unhappy with what the Senate did and they must go to seek justice”, he stated. ”We¬† gave overwhelming evidence to prove that the Governor was not supposed to be in office but the Senate ignored it and cleared her. The Senate has dragged us behind in the battle to ensure there is democracy”, he lamented.

The threats have come just a day after Waiguru said she had forgiven her detractors, alleging that the impeachment motion against her was the result of ‘outside conspiracies visited on us with the help of a few local leaders’. ”… To those that have conspired with these forces to wrongfully impeach me, Iforgive you and say to you as I close in the words of the Great AmericanFemale Poet Maya Angelou .. “Kirinyaga people will forget what you said, theywill even forget what you did but they will never forget how you made them feel, and neither will I. That notwithstanding, I forgive you”.