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Housing PS Charles Hinga at a past function

Kazi Mtaani youth to be paid today, PS Hinga says

Housing PS Charles Hinga says that the first group of workers in the Kazi Mtaani programme will start receiving payment on Thursday. The payment is intended to cover work done from July 20 to 27. The statement comes after media reports where some youth in parts of the country are said to have received less than the stipulated Sh455 and Sh505 for workers and supervisors respectively.

PS Hinga said that he was aware that payment for some youth had not gone through because there were issues with their mobile phone lines, ”Some employees submitted numbers that were not registered on M-Pesa while others did not match with their identification numbers used during registration, ”he explained, ”in such instances, the affected workers will be required to fill indemnity forms for payments to be effected through alternative numbers presented”.

The Ministry also reiterated that the youth would only be paid for the number of days they reported to work, ”We would like to say that any Kazi Mtaani recruit who worked for three days should have received Sh1,365 in total while those who worked for two days were paid Sh910.”