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Judiciary launches electronic filing system in courts

The Judiciary has today launched an electronic filing system in court signifying a transformation from manual filing which was found to be cumbersome and frustrating due to occasional loss of files. ”I’m very excited about this E-filing process because in future, audit trail will be easy. If you delete or add something we will be able to track the changes you make,” said Prof. Olive Mugenda who graced the event.

”This is an important milestone for the justice system. Successive plans from 2005 to date have recognised the need to adopt an ICT transformational judicial system,” explained Deputy Chief Justice Philomena Mwilu, ”We can no longer go back to being analogue, we must continue to institutionalise the digital system. We shall resist the analogue days, we do not have a  choice,” she reiterated.

Speaking at the Supreme Court during the launch, Chief Justice David Maraga also emphasised that there would be no going back in the quest to digitalise the Judiciary, ”The frustrations we had on loss of files will not occur when we adopt the e-filing system.” He went on to say, ”I have heard cases of people asking whether after filing cases online they will be printed and presented to court, the emphatic response to that is no”.

The Judiciary has also endeavored to undertake training for Judiciary staff to be able to use the system. ”We have undertaken training not only for Judiciary staff but also external stakeholders, indicated Maraga. The move means that during court hearings, all parties will access the files to the case electronically.