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Kenyan Deputy President William Ruto. Photo: Courtesy

I am ready to leave Jubilee party, DP Ruto now states.

Deputy President William Ruto now says he is ready to quit the ruling party Jubilee if the President fails to sort out the internal divisions that has rocked the party.

In an interview on Citizen TV on Thursday August 27 night, DP Ruto says that the party has been hijacked by busybodies, brokers and conmen.

Ruto accused Jubilee Party’s Vice Chair David Murathe of leading a cabal at the party that has been disrespecting party senior officials and constantly going on to insult him and undermine him.

“Jubilee is not functioning as a party. There is a problem …Unfortunately the party has been hijacked by busy bodies and conmen and brokers like Murathe and company. People who have no clue on the philosophy behind Jubilee. …Their word has become the party position”, DP Ruto stated during the interview with Citizen TV’s Joe Ageyo.

Ruto stated that the Murathe team has on many occasions threatened to deny him the Jubilee ticket come 2022.

“There are public officials who go ahead and insult me. The same ones in Jubilee have gone public to say, ‘we are not going to give Ruto the ticket even if he wins in 2022.’ They have gone public to say they can even choose not to field a candidate in 2022 but we will try sort this out as a party”, Ruto stated.

Ruto also warned that the virus that broke the once strong ruling party KANU, is at Jubilee and is rocking the party from within with an aim of finishing it.

“The same virus that infected KANU and eventually killed it has now come to Jubilee, unfortunately…The mistake KANU did was to kick out people and those who were kicked out were more than those who were left”, Ruto said.

Ruto has been under pressure from leaders allied to the President to resign from his position and has been sidelined in Jubilee. His top allies in parliament including former majority leaders in the National Assembly and Senate Aden Duale and Kipchumba Murkomen respectively, and Chairs of house committees axed from the positions.

Ruto however said he is ready to mend and give a shot at uniting Jubilee party together with the President but will not hesitate to forge his own new path if the efforts fail.

“I believe there is a chance to sort out our issues in Jubilee. It would be tragic if we were to lose Jubilee…If Jubilee is hijacked by the brokers, we will make the decision at that point… waswahili wanasema, ‘kuvunjika kwa mwiko sio mwisho wa kupika’. (translated to mean that the breaking of a cooking stick shouldn’t mean the end of cooking)”, Ruto stated.