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Milimani Law Courts Upperhill Nairobi. Photo: Courtesy

CJ Maraga is a “deadbeat dad”; Woman cries outside Milimani Law Courts

A middle aged woman has caused a stir outside the Milimani law courts where she went into wild wailing claiming that Chief Justice had abandoned his fatherly responsibilities to a child they sired together.

In a video widely circulated the woman only identified as Mercy Kwamboka, claimed that she met CJ Maraga in 2013 and they forged a romantic relationship that resulted in a baby girl.

“I met Maraga and we had an affair. We have been friends since 2013 and now we have a six year old daughter together”, the lady claimed.

The lady claims that Maraga has declined to take up his parental responsibilities leaving her to fend for the baby alone, and has ignored summons to the Children’s department to deal with the matter.

“I have been filing cases every now and then. He (Maraga) was even summoned by the children’s department and he refused to honor the summons… he (Maraga) should come and take responsibility of his kid, I am now tired”, the tearful lady stated.

The lady claimed to have documents to support her claims, together with a photo of the alleged six year old daughter sired with Maraga.