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Baringo residents speak to Uhuru on video call during launch of internet balloons

ICT CS Joe Mucheru has today spearheaded the launch of Loon internet balloons at Radat Centre in Baringo County. He termed the launch as historic, reiterating that Kenya continues to lead in digital innovation.

CS Mucheru also video called President Kenyatta in a bid to test internet connectivity. Kenyatta was able to speak to a section of residents of Baringo who thanked him for ensuring that the area had access to high-speed internet.

Kenyatta said that young people in the area would now be able to access jobs and sell products online including honey.

”…I know that we will not only be able to create jobs, but to also improve livelihoods”, he indicated.

The launch is the first large scale commercial deployment of the balloons in the world and holds with it a promise to ensure internet reach in remote areas of Kenya. Loon has been working towards deploying the balloons in Kenya after President Kenyatta announced that the government had approved Google’s Alphabet Company and Telkom Limited to fly the balloons in the country’s airspace.

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